Virtual and Expert Business Solutions to Address COVID-19

On March 25, we hosted our “Practical Business Solutions for COVID-19” webinar. Below, you will find links to resources that may be useful in addressing your food safety needs in relation to COVID-19. As you have additional questions, please email us at info@aibinternational.com or Judi Lazaro directly at jlazaro@aibinternational.com and we’ll provide you with the right expertise.

As a starting point, visit our Solutions for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 page for expertise and virtual training solutions that can provide you the support necessary to continue ensuring food safety and quality. You can also access our free COVID-19 Site Self-Assessment Guide, which will help you determine best practices, priorities, and how to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Below are links to the various resources mentioned during the Wednesday, March 25 “Business Solutions for COVID-19” webinar.

Training for new and current employees

  • Welcome to the Food Industry – Our eight-minute video that introduces employees to food safety and why it is so important in their role.
  • Food Safety Essentials – Onboard new frontline employees remotely and efficiently with Food Safety Essentials! Available in English and Spanish, food businesses around the globe have trusted Food Safety Essentials for more than a decade to train their growing teams.
  • Consolidated Standards for Inspection – Our globally-recognized standards for inspection are key requirements that facilities must meet to prove their products are wholesome and safe. Our food safety professionals use these standards as a guide for GMP Inspections, FS 360, and Inspection Only.

Recall Program

  • Traceability Desktop Assessment – Get an unbiased and comprehensive review of your site’s written traceability program. This service can be added to any GMP inspection as an addendum to confirm the effectiveness of your facility’s traceability program and identify gaps in its application and execution.
  • Traceability & Recall Online – Thousands of products are recalled each year due the growing complexity of the supply chain, better detection of food safety issues, and more efficient mandated reporting by manufacturers. Be prepared and confident, so your team can lead an appropriate and swift response during a recall.

Regulatory Readiness

  • Regulatory Readiness Assessments – The FDA’s new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations are complex and can be difficult to understand, which is compounded by the fact that they are often changing. Our on-site FSMA Readiness Assessment is an FSMA compliance check that will determine if your food safety and food defense programs are meeting FDA requirements.
  • FSMA Awareness Webinar Series – Regulations abound, but your FSMA compliance training is here. On demand. One low price. Eight easy-to-understand webinars explain how FSMA applies to you.
  • PCQI Online for FSMA’s Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule – Develop and apply risk-based preventive controls with online training for Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQIs). Newly Launched Version 2 Contains Updated FDA Guidance Material on the FSMA PCHF Rule and Sector-Specific Scenarios!
  • Webinars and online courses – Our catalog of webinars and online courses – with the same quality you've come to know from our in-person seminars – will meet your needs for easy-to-access, fundamental training.

Pest Management

  • Integrated Pest Management Online – Our 1-hour, interactive, narrated online course is used to build and implement successful pest control strategies. It's a must-have training for any food plant staff that participate on the Food Safety Team.

As you have questions or need additional insights, please contact us at info@aibinternational.com.

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