Virtual Classroom Offers High-Quality Training with Convenient Access

AIB International’s global team of food safety and quality professionals spans 120 countries, with a variety of training options to reach clients the world over. However, geographic distance, scheduling conflicts and travel cost can continue to be significant hurdles to accessing high-quality training.

In response to your interest in more convenient training, we’re kicking off 2020 by launching our Virtual Classroom, amplifying our focus on accessibility. Nearly all of AIB International’s 2020 seminars will now be available both live in person and live virtually. This platform supplements our current in-person seminars through technologies that bridge the distance between you and our expertise, while reducing travel costs and accommodating busy schedules.

The Virtual Classroom invites clients from around the world to more broadly engage AIB International through the application of technology to our training expertise. This platform differs from online, self-paced courses in that it is interactive and in-depth, as virtual learners will participate live alongside in-person attendees. Virtual Classroom seminars will also feature various interactive elements, including polls, quizzes, games, breakout rooms and group discussions.

Seminars offered through the Virtual Classroom format will continue to deliver the high-quality learning that clients have come to expect from AIB International. Rather than creating an online learning environment, our goal through the Virtual Classroom is to more effectively bring learners into the classroom environment, no matter where you’re located.

For more information, please contact us at info@aibinternational.com.

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