Tip of the Week: Following COVID-19, What Sanitation Training Will My Employees Need?

During our Monday, April 27 “Food Safety and COVID-19: What Businesses Need to Know” webinar, Jesse Leal, Food Safety Professional, highlighted how cleaning, sanitation, verification, training and onboarding will need to change for the future.

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The current pandemic has created a host of challenges for the global food supply chain. It has also provided the opportunity to think about and develop training that can help employees follow proper sanitation procedures in the future.

Employees should be educated on the reasons “why” they are required to follow certain procedures, including GMPs.

Beyond training that focuses only on the traditional “do this” and “don’t do that,” employees should be educated on the reasons “why” they are required to follow certain procedures, including GMPs. That is because GMPs are not just best practice – they are the law, so it’s critical that your employees know and follow them. By effectively communicating the “whys” of the various processes and procedures you have in place, you will gain buy-in from your workforce, promote accountability, and nurture a food safety culture in your organization.

Whys of GMPs Webinar Series

But how do you provide training to achieve that goal? You can start with our upcoming “Coach’s Corner: Whys of GMPs”. This virtual training on the basics of GMPs in the food industry will provide the training your employees – new and experienced – need during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Starting Thursday, May 7 at 10:30 a.m. CT and each Thursday throughout the month, we will be hosting four separate live hour-long sessions. Even if your employees cannot attend the live session, enrollees will be sent a recording after each session, so they can watch it at their convenience. It’s a ready-made onboarding tool for new employees and also a great training tool for employees in need of a refresher.

  • Thursday, May 7 – ICE Analysis, Personnel, Plant and Grounds  
  • Thursday, May 14 – Sanitary Operations, Facilities & Controls, Equipment and Utensil  
  • Thursday, May 21 – Processes and Controls
  • Thursday, May 28 – Warehouse & Distribution, Defect Action Levels

Welcome to the Food Industry

Another beneficial tool is our complimentary training video “Welcome to the Food Industry”, which will help get your employees started on the right foot. This video highlights basic practices necessary for working in any food operation, including handwashing, health policy, clothing, food consumption, personal effects and storage areas.

Try Different Styles of Training

Once your employees have achieved those training basics, additional training opportunities await. Our world-class virtual GMP/Sanitation seminar, online GMP training and private training can each help you keep pace with shifting regulations and modern consumer demands.

As you have questions or need additional insights, please contact us at info@aibinterantional.com.

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