The Top 7 Articles About COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness

It’s been one year since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Today, vaccines are being distributed and administered, allowing us to return to some state of “normal” soon. However, experts say the next pandemic is closer than we think, so being prepared is critical.

We curated the most important articles you need to read.

1. This is Where the Next Pandemic is Likely to Emerge

Fast Company

Coronavirus isn’t the first and won’t be the last virus to jump from animals to humans and threaten humanity. Now scientists are trying to determine what factors are most likely to incubate the next deadly virus. Read Now ►

2. How Business Leaders Can Prepare For the Next Health Crisis

Harvard Business Review

Noting that “the pandemic exposed serious flaws in many companies’ supply-chain preparedness,” Harvard Business Review suggests that “Large organizations of all kinds need to be much better prepared to operate when future devastating emergencies strike.”

Acknowledging that another pandemic will occur, it’s critically important that leaders across the food and beverage industry prepare now for whatever the future holds. To support that effort, we have compiled recent media coverage that may help answer questions about the importance of preparedness and how our Pandemic Prepared Certification standard will elevate critical planning for your operation. Read Now ►

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3. COVID-19: How to Develop and Manage Employee Health Measures

Food Quality & Safety Magazine

Take a focused, proactive look at how to effectively protect the workforce against contracting and spreading the disease. Implementing protective measures to maintain a healthy workforce is a key component of any business continuity plan, especially during a pandemic.
Read Now ►

4. Health Mitigation Measures in the Warehouse

Food Logistics Magazine

Consider these strategies to mitigate transmission risks and protect your warehouse workforce. Read Now ►

5. Worker Safety in a COVID World

The National Provisioner

We will recover from COVID-19, but what about the next pandemic? Certification for preparedness could become a requirement in the future, as they are currently for food safety or animal welfare.

Leaders are preparing for the future by getting independent certification for their pandemic preparedness programs.

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6. Almarai Co. Earns First-Ever Pandemic Prepared Certification

Food Business News

The company demonstrated proficiency in five areas: pandemic crisis management; supply chain management; intermittent operation planning management; health crisis mitigation measures; and pre-requisite program overview to earn the first certification. Read Now ►

7. Industrial Packaging is First U.S.-Based Company to Achieve Pandemic Prepared Certification

Packaging Technology Today

Industrial Packaging worked quickly to modify their plant and implement best practices to make sure their facility was a safe place to work. They want to be audited against the Pandemic Prepared Certification standard and recognize their commitment to establishing and maintaining these best practices. Read Now ►

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You can get started in the development of your preparedness plan by signing up for our free Preparedness Review email series, registering for our upcoming Developing Your Pandemic Preparedness Plan Workshop on March 30-April 2, or learn more by emailing us at ppc@aibinternational.com.

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